Innovative technology providing efficiency through simplification

Product Vision : Manage and simplify your radiation oncology clinical workflow with FlowBoard’s interactive technology

    FlowBoard™ is a cloud and on-site server based software solution that focuses on human factors to ensure safety, quality, and compliance. Utilizing technology specifically developed to improve the effectiveness for “the right thing to happen naturally”, FlowBoard™ takes your current task based processes and simplifies them. Process views rather than functional views, color coded visuals, automated communication instead of sticky notes, pages, and phone calls. The process flow analytics allow the team to easily access metrics that will help implement and measure process change, providing efficiency through simplification.

    Features : 

    FlowTrack  - Visually track and effectively communicate the status of ALL the patients in a SINGLE view

    FlowPath - Map the care path of the patient at the onset to ensure compliance

    FlowCheck - Color coded checklist accessible at all points to ensure proper quality control (QC)

    FlowAlert - Automated notifications about status changes, delays, or bottlenecks with the flow

    FlowAnalytics - Provides insights into meaningful metrics to improve flow efficiency and reduce variability using systems engineering tools

    FlowImprove - Captures success stories, new milestones, process improvement logs, improvement ideas to improve efficiency, communication and quality of the care process

    Sample Reports :

    Touchdown Report  - Simulation to treatment, Consult to simulation, emergency start, site specific timelines

    Compliance Report  - Chart round, peer review, chart close out, weekly checks, etc

    Rework Report  - Contour change, Collisions, Anatomy change, events, etc

    Utilization Report  - Staff utilization, linac and CT utilization, Imaging Utilization, applicator, technique usage, etc

    Bottleneck Report - unacceptable wait times, delays, planning time, QA time, Physics check

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