Product Vision : Delivering cloud-based tools developed to streamline tasks in the clinical environment.

Based on a fundamental understanding of the clinical workflow, the system offers a single platform tailored to schedule and document QA activities for easy access resulting in increased efficiency and guaranteed compliance with industry standards. Enterprise level management features provide relevant information for all team members across services and locations. Embedded best practices support compliance with standards and regulations such as AAPM TG reports (e.g. TG40, TG 142, and TG 66), ACR recommendations, State & federal regulations (e.g. Texas State, NRC 10 CFR Part 35).

Features : 

Quality Assurance Data System : 

  • Perform Machine routine quality assurance tasks in accordanace with approved protocols (Monthly, Annual and Quarlterly QA)
  • Capture approvals, peer review, date of service, due dates and reminders

QA Document Management : 

  • Manage all machine, device, and software related documents securely and in one place. Review and approve, archive and filter. Manage Audit and accreditation compliance

Policies & Procedures Guidelines : 

  • Manage all policies and procedures in one place. Keep track of versions, collaborate, distribute and maintain accountability
  • Flag critical documents and ensure training compliance

Machine Status Notifications: 

  • Track machine status as well as machine up time down time reports
  • Email notification and Dashboard display of status

Inventory Management : 

  • Manage inventory of equipment, calibration dates, certifications, equipment “check in “ & “check out”, radioactive sources etc
  • Flag overdue tasks and email reminders

Password Manager: 

  • Manage passwords for non personal information and less frequently used accounts
  • Facilitate cross coverage at different sites and locations with instant access to passwords

QA Scheduler: 

  • Schedule personnel for coverage at different locations and manage communication & avoid double booking
  • Create schedule for Machine maintenance and periodic QA tasks
  • Email reminders and notifications of the critical shifts and due dates

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