Providing clinical risk mitigation that protects you, your patients, and your organization

In the rapidly evolving and complex field of radiation oncology, safe delivery of therapy is imperative. At CruxQS™, we know coordinating the efforts of your entire team is key to meeting rigorous safety measures.  

SafetyNet™ ensures organizations and healthcare professionals are meeting their legal and moral responsibilities to maintain a safe workplace. SafetyNet™ makes it easier to manage your standards of care and safeguard the wellbeing of your patients and office staff, as well as reduce potential legal risk and non-compliance fines.

The SafetyNet™ program delivers a team of highly qualified professionals with expertise in your specific technologies for program assesment.

SafetyNet™ provides more than your typical on-site evaluation :

  • Staffing model analysis
  • Policy and procedure review
  • Safety culture statement
  • Throughtput analysis
  • Technology choice & use
  • Treatment paln quality report
  • Quality metrics review
  • Treatment machines & planning system-technical accuracy and performance
  • Recommended action plan with complete cost analysis