In the rapidly evolving and complex field of radiation oncology, safe delivery of therapy is imperative. At CruxQS™, we know coordinating the efforts of your entire team is key to meeting rigorous safety measures.  

SafetyNet™ ensures organizations and healthcare professionals are meeting their legal and moral responsibilities to maintain a safe workplace. SafetyNet™ makes it easier to manage your standards of care and safeguard the wellbeing of your patients and office staff, as well as reduce potential legal risk and non-compliance fines.

The SafetyNet™ program delivers a team of highly qualified professionals with expertise in your specific technologies for program assesment.

SafetyNet™ provides more than your typical on-site evaluation :

  • Staffing model analysis
  • Policy and procedure review
  • Safety culture statement
  • Throughtput analysis
  • Technology choice & use
  • Treatment paln quality report
  • Quality metrics review
  • Treatment machines & planning system-technical accuracy and performance
  • Recommended action plan with complete cost analysis


Radiation oncology treatment process is complex and labor intensive.  CruxQS™ provides outstanding remote dosimetry services in a cost efficient and timely manner.  Our range of short term and long term solutions for remote dosimetry can be provided on demand.  Using the latest treatment planning systems, we are able to generate treatment plans and seamlessly integrate with our clients existing technology.

Our team of experienced CMD’s collaborates with client physicians in every phase of the treatment planning process including contouring, fusion, 2D, 3D, 3D forward planning, IMRT, VMAT, Stereotactic brachytherapy treatments.

In addition, CruxQS™ offers board certified physicist to help with remote physics chart checks and plan review if required.  Our team is knowledgeable in all current protocols, AAPM recommendations, with expertise in all technological modalities.

By investing in the latest technologies, CruxQS™ is able to offer clients access to many treatment planning systems on the market today.  We can accommodate all commissioned protocols guaranteeing the most accurate and seamless treatment delivery for the benefit of patient safety.


OnDemand – Truly on demand dosimetry services to provide permanent or temporary coverage for staff vacations, staff shortages or times of peak load.

Quality – Outstanding Certified Medical Dosimetrist and Medical Physicist at your service building a lasting partnership through direct communication, compassionate care and availability.

Knowledge – Our CMD’s and Physicists are qualified professionals with extensive knowledge of all current treatment planning and record verifying systems and treatment techniques.

Time and Cost Effectiveness – If your needs are permanent or temporary, CruxQS™ provides an outstanding service tailored to your physicians, staff and patients in the most cost effective way.

Communication – We use the latest collaborative tools to ensure that there is a clear communications plan to demonstrate compassionate service to the radiation oncology team. Patient data is encrypted through the entire process fro CT to treatment as required by HIPPA.

Safety – The CruxQS™ team is diligent in the review of deliverable safe treatment plans through internal peer review with patient safety in mind.

Training - We can offer training in CT simulation/patient positioning, normal tissue contouring, fusion, conformal, dynamic and inverse planning on most of today’s leading planning systems.